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Where to go with children in Montenegro?

Game rooms in Montenegro. Any large shopping center or amusement park in Montenegro necessarily has comfortable playrooms where children can play under the supervision of professional animators. ... Montenegro loves children very much and is very attentive and friendly to them! The mini-zoo in Budva is good because not only children, but also adults can relax and have fun in it. The zoo is located on the territory of the restaurant and bus station, which is its so-called feature. Despite the fact that the zoo is located at the bus station, it is well and pleasantly equipped, and there are no crowds of pushing travelers there, so parents can enjoy food or coffee while children look at or feed unusually beautiful and exotic animals. In addition to the zoo, there is a children's playground with animators on the same territory.
Montenegro's largest mountain park is in Igalo, and strangely enough, it increases every year. There is a lot of entertainment in the park: cars, carousels, trampolines, a variety of attractions! On Lovcen you can visit a very interesting, entertaining and extreme park - an adventure park. The park is equipped with many air trails with different obstacles and different levels of complexity. Such a park will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. There are many other attractions in the park. At the entrance to the park, you will be given a special skill for safety! Montenegro is a great option for a holiday with a child. And if you are considering Europe for a future trip, then special attention should be paid to the resorts of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro!