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Holidays in Montenegro are indescribable in their beauty, the resorts of this country have long been considered one of the best in Europe and on the entire Adriatic coast for beach, active and recreation.

We invite everyone to relax on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro

Holidays in Montenegro are famous for its beautiful nature, a sea of amazing cleanliness and golden beaches, as well as the absence of exhausting heat. Montenegrins are hospitable and sincere people, and the history of the country is surprisingly intertwined with the history of Russia.

Beach holidays in Montenegro, if desired, can be combined with an excursion program that will allow you to see monuments of ancient cultures, visit medieval monasteries and beautiful churches, visit colorful cities where you will get new vivid impressions. Depending on your wishes, you can choose different options for leisure, entertainment, individual excursion routes to magnificent places in Montenegro.

For tourists from Russia, rest in Montenegro is also attractive because there is no need to apply for a visa.

Additional services are provided: transfer, car rental.

We will be happy to help you get to know Montenegro better - a very beautiful, culturally rich country and its inhabitants.

The main activity of our company is tourism.

Tours to Montenegro are very popular because of the largest fjord of the Bay of Kotor in the entire Mediterranean, which crashes into the shore for 28 kilometers.Montenegrin summer is long and dry. The best time to relax in the country is July and August. The average temperature on the coast at this time is 28-30 degrees. The name "Montenegro" probably came from the dense "black" forests that covered Mount Lovcen and other alpine countries in the Middle Ages. The eastern neighbor of Montenegro is Serbia, the western neighbors are the former Yugoslav republics of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the southeast, the border with Albania, and in the south Montenegro is separated from Italy by the Adriatic Sea. Montenegrins and Serbs, Albanians and Croats live here. Montenegro provides a great opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing, unique nature of the country. In Montenegro, which has an area of only 13,000 square kilometers and a population of just under a million people, there are four national parks, with the Beograd Forest being considered one of the three largest forests preserved in Europe. Some trees here are older than 500 years. Montenegro has Europe's deepest canyon of the Tara River. Many people come to Tara on purpose to do rafting. However,beginners are advised not to take risks: Tara is a fast and insidious river. On the border with Albania there is Lake Skadar, where there are many species of fish and birds.

Sea and attractions

And yet, despite all these natural monuments, tours to Montenegro are bought for the sake of the crystal clear sea. The total length of all Montenegrin beaches is 73 kilometers. On the shore near the bay is the ancient city of Kotor, included by UNESCO in the list of cultural monuments of mankind. Budva is the main Montenegrin resort. In Budva there is an old fortress built during the Venetian Republic. The whole life is concentrated on the promenade - night and daytime. Attractions are noisy, shops are trading, restaurants smell, open-air discos are everywhere. Not far from Budva is the very picturesque town of St. Stephen and, a small town of Becici, whose beaches are considered one of the best in the entire Adriatic. Tours to Montenegro can be combined with a pilgrimage trip to the old capital - Cetinje. The monastery of Cetinje houses the embalmed hand of John the Baptist, here is the residence of the Metropolitan. Rest in Montenegro will interest fans of "contact with nature without intermediaries." The nudist beach of Ada Boyana is a very romantic place: clean sand, in which it is not scary to dig, pines, emerald sea, few people. And a lot of happiness!

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