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Montenegro itself does not produce these goods, but the neighborhood with Italy affects - fashionable clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories are brought here in large quantities and sold at very pleasant prices. In addition, Montenegro has a large selection of high-quality Turkish, Indian and Chinese knitwear, as well as children's clothing and toys.
Discount seasons in Montenegro are held according to the European schedule: in winter and summer. Winter sales begin in mid-January and last until the beginning of spring, summer sales start in August and last until the end of September, their peak falls at the end of the high tourist season. Usually prices for goods from past collections are reduced by 30-50%, less often - up to 70%. Some shopping centers and branded stores arrange off-season sales, so you can buy discounted goods in large Montenegrin cities almost all year round.
The best shopping in Montenegro is in the Bar: it is here that Italian collections of clothes, shoes and jewelry are delivered by ferries at low prices by European standards.
An unexpected but very good place for shopping in Montenegro is monasteries and church shops. They sell local viscous honey, lavender pads and natural cosmetics based on olive oil.