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Boka Kotorska is the most unique place on the Adriatic. It is here that the sea enters the mainland for more than twenty-eight kilometers. In this regard, Boka is not inferior in beauty and depth to the fjords of Norway.

Our tour will begin with a visit to the city of Kotor, where you will learn its history, see and visit the sights that have influenced the history and development of the city. You'll also see the Bay of Kotor. Further along the coast along Boka Kotorskaya, we go to the city of Perast, where we will get acquainted with its history.

In the Gulf of Risan (opposite the city of Perast), half a kilometer from the coast there are two islands - "Gospa od Shkrpela" (which means Mother of God in stone) and St. George's Island. The island of "Gospa od Škrpela" is artificial and built on the site of a coral reef. On the Island of St. George - there is a church of the same name of the XII century. The famous Montenegrin navigator Marco Martinovich is buried there.

Then our way lies to the observation deck, where from a height of 700 meters we can enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Risan. On the ferry, we will cross Boka and at the end we will drive along the Gulf of Tivat.