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Here is a detailed description of ten beaches in Albania:

1. Luciano Dhermi © Vlore:

Luciano Dhermi beach is located in Vlora and is famous for its beautiful sandy beach and clear water. Here you can enjoy a relaxing holiday, swimming and various water sports.

2. Plazhi Pasqyrat © Ksamil:

Plazhi Pasqyrat beach is located in Ksamil and attracts tourists with its picturesque landscapes and clear waters. Here you can enjoy the sun, sand and swimming in the clear sea.

3. Boho Bar Livadh@ Himare:

Boho Bar Livadh is a beach bar in Himar where you can enjoy great cocktails, music and a relaxed atmosphere. The beach also offers the opportunity for swimming and relaxing on the sand.

4. Ara Shëngjin © Lezhe:

Ara Shëngjin beach is located in the city of Lezh and is one of the most popular beaches in the region. Here you will find a beautiful sandy beach, crystal clear water and various beach bars and restaurants.

5. Porto Palermo Beach • Porto Palermo:

Porto Palermo Beach is located in Porto Palermo and is famous for its unique natural beauty. Here you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling and walks along the shore.

6. Oya Beach @ Durres:

Oya Beach is a beach club in Durrës, offering a wide range of entertainment and services for vacationers. Here you will find restaurants, swimming pools, a spa and, of course, a beautiful beach.

7. Mucobega Beach Bar O Sarande:

Mucobega Beach Bar is located in Saranda and offers excellent conditions for relaxing on the beach. Here you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, enjoy cool drinks and swim in the sea.

8. La Siesta ® Dhermi:

La Siesta is a beach club in Dermi, where you can enjoy crystal clear water and a cozy atmosphere. There are restaurants, bars and opportunities for various activities.

9. Kroreza Beach ® Sarande:

Kroreza Beach is located in Saranda and is famous for its picturesque scenery and calm atmosphere. Here you can enjoy relaxing on the sandy beach, swimming and a relaxed atmosphere.

10. Long Beach Ada © Velipoje:

Long Beach Ada is a long sandy beach located in Velipoi. It attracts tourists with its wide spaces, clean sea and opportunities for various types of outdoor activities.

I hope this information will help you choose the beach you are interested in for your holiday in Albania!