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Luxury hotels in Albania

Albania, a country on the Balkan Peninsula, is known for its picturesque beaches, cultural heritage and hospitality. In recent years, the luxury tourism industry has also been developing in Albania, and there are luxury hotels offering a high level of service and comfort. Here are some famous luxury hotels in Albania:

1. Marriott Hotel & Residences, Tirana: Luxury hotel in the capital of Albania, Tirana, offers luxury rooms with city views, high-class service, spa, gourmet restaurants and other amenities.

2. Santa Quaranta Premium Resort, Saranda: This resort on the Adriatic coast offers spacious rooms with sea views, private beach, swimming pools, spa and restaurants with local and international dishes.

3. Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, Durrës: Luxury hotel is located on the Adriatic coast and offers luxurious rooms, a private beach, a golf course, a spa, restaurants with fine cuisine and many other amenities.

4. The Plaza Tirana: This hotel in the center of Tirana offers luxurious rooms with modern design, a spa center, restaurants with author's cuisine, bars and other entertainment for guests.

These hotels offer the highest level of service, comfort and luxury for those who are looking for an unforgettable holiday in the beautiful country of Albania.