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Old cities of Montenegro

In this tour I will introduce you to some of the oldest cities in Montenegro, I will tell you who founded them and when, the history of their lives from Illyrian times to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and further to socialist Yugoslavia.

We will walk through the old streets, visit all the historical places in the city that have had the greatest impact on the formation, history and development of the city. I will show you all the significant architectural monuments of the city, and you will learn the history of their creation.

Our short journey into history will begin in the city of Kotor, where you will get acquainted with its history and sights. We will visit the Cathedral of St. Tryphon and Nicholas the Wonderworker, learn the history of Blessed Ozana and, if desired, visit the Maritime Museum. And then we will go along the picturesque mountain serpentine to the old capital of Montenegro Cetinje and on the way we will be able to admire the best views of the Bay of Kotor and be sure to make a stop to taste the famous Negush pršut and Negush cheese in the village of the same name.

In Cetinje, we will visit with you the Cetinje Monastery, which was founded in 1484 and you will be able to venerate the Orthodox shrines (the right hand of John the Baptist, particles of the holy cross, the relics of Peter the Great of Cetinje). If desired, we can visit the Historical Museum, where the exposition of life in Montenegro from Illyrian times to the SFRY is well presented.

At the end of our journey, the old city of Budva awaits us. We will visit one of the oldest churches in Budva (Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, VII century), admire the church of Santa Maria in Punta (840 AD) and the church of the XII century. St. Sava.