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Lake Skadar and Lipsky caves

We will visit the cradle of Montenegrin statehood - the medieval town of Rijeka Crnojevica on the banks of the picturesque Obod River.

At the foot of the mountains, on the bank of a small river, there is a tiny town of Rijeka Crnojević. Now no more than a hundred people live in this city. However, this city was once the center of industry and trade in Montenegro. Life was in full swing here, and along the coast it was impossible to find a free place to moor on a boat.

The city got its name from the river, which originates a few hundred meters above the city. The city is named after Ivan Crnojević, the ruler of these lands. He went down in history by being a talented diplomat and strategist. He moved the capital of Montenegro from the shores of Lake Skadar to the mountains, where he founded the historical capital of Montenegro Cetinje. In the XV century he founded a printing house near the Crnojevica River in the town of Obod.

On the same river by boat, we will go with you to Lake Skadar and enjoy the beauty of the lake and the national park.

Upon returning to the city, we will enjoy the gifts of the lake (fish chorba and Skadar carp).

On the way back, we will visit the Lipska cave.

Lipska Cave is the first tourist cave in Montenegro - with the amazing beauty of the karst formations of the underground world. Genuine pristineness makes the visit an unforgettable adventure. In 2015, the cave was opened to visitors. Specially designed routes and modern lighting make visiting the cave even more attractive and completely safe.

Lipska Cave is one of the largest caves in Montenegro. A cave with a 2.5 km system of corridors, tunnels and halls that impress with their beauty. Nature has created unique karst deposits (stalactites and stalagmites) in the cave, which will make an indelible impression on you. Today, the cave is not only one of the best places to visit, but also one of the natural attractions that should not be missed during a trip to Montenegro.

The temperature in the cave is constant, ranging in the range of 8-12 degrees Celsius. Grab a light jacket and get ready for an adventure in the karst heart of Montenegro!