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Visit to the Tsarevich Eco Farm

"ECO Tsarevich's Farm" is a unique place where care for nature is combined with the production of environmentally friendly products. On Tsarevich's farm you will find a variety of types of organic vegetables and fruits grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Tsarevich's Farm also specializes in breeding organic cattle and poultry. Here animals are provided with a comfortable living space, they feed on natural feed without the addition of GMOs and antibiotics.

On the territory of the farm there are special areas for landscaping, where medicinal herbs and flowers are grown. Tsarevich's Farm is actively engaged in the processing of organic products, producing fresh juices, jams, canned food and other delicacies.

A visit to the IVF Tsarevich farm will be an interesting and informative experience for all lovers of ecology and a healthy lifestyle.
Excursion program:

🌾 Familiarization with the principles of ecological farming and animal husbandry.

🍅 Harvesting on vegetable and fruit plantations.

🐓 Getting to know the animals of the farm and feeding them with natural feed.

🌸 Walk through the areas with medicinal herbs and flowers.

🍹 Master class on making fresh juices and jams from organic ingredients.

👋 Completion of the tour with gifts for guests.

We invite you to an exciting journey into the world of environmentally friendly farming and animal husbandry on Tsarevich's farm! 🌿✨