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Excursion to St. Stephen's Island

St. Stephen Island, located in Montenegro, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Montenegrin coast. This island has a rich history and unique architecture that attracts many visitors.

An excursion to St. Stephen's Island usually includes acquaintance with the historical sights of the island, such as ancient churches, fortresses and narrow streets. You can also enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the surrounding landscapes.

During the tour, you can visit luxury hotels and restaurants on the island to taste local dishes and enjoy the atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

Excursions to St. Stephen's Island are usually conducted with a guide who will tell you interesting facts about the place and help you immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere.
An excursion to St. Stephen's Island promises a fascinating journey into the history, culture and natural beauty of this amazing place. Here is a detailed description of the excursion:

1. Trip to the island: The tour begins with a comfortable bus or car trip along the picturesque road that leads to St. Stephen's Island. During the trip, the guide will tell you about the history and features of the island.

2. Acquaintance with historical sights: Upon arrival on the island, the group goes on a walking tour, during which you can see ancient churches, fortresses and other historical monuments. The guide will tell fascinating facts about each place and its role in the history of the island.

3. Beach holidays: After getting acquainted with the historical sights, excursion participants can enjoy their vacation on St. Stephen's Beach. The beaches of the island are famous for their cleanliness, crystal clear water and cozy beach cafes.

4. Lunch at a local restaurant: During the tour, there is a stop at one of the local restaurants where you can taste traditional Montenegrin dishes and drinks. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local cuisine and enjoy the atmosphere of hospitality.

  1. 5. Free time: After lunch, excursion participants can enjoy their free time to explore the island on their own, visit souvenir shops or just enjoy a walk through the streets of the island.
  2. Return to the hotel: At the end of the tour, the group returns to the hotel full of impressions of the beauty and history of St. Stephen's Island.